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Neck Reset

Since how a guitar is setup is critical to its performance, our philosophy on setups is simple,

we adjust the guitar to your playing style.


We offer this service which includes:


  • Neck adjustment.
  • adjusting the bridge saddle(s).
  • Adjusting the action at the nut.
  • Setting the intonation.
  • Clean, restring and tune to pitch.

We provide both stock and custom fretwork, such as;


  • Fret level and re-crowning.
  • Partial and total re-frets.
  • Stock & compound radius.
  • Nickel/silver and stainless steel frets.
  • Fretboard straightening and radius corrections.

Intonation corrections will dramatically improve a guitar's ability to play in tune. We offer the following corrections.



Fill and re-cut slot, adjust nut location and compensated saddle, tempered tuning.


Adjust nut location, intonate saddles, tempered tuning.


Neck resets are available for all types of acoustic, electric and archtop guitars, using both modern wood glue as well as hyde glue.


  • Bolt-on necks.
  • Dove tail joints.
  • Mortise and tenon joints.
Bridge Saddles and String Nuts


All bridge saddles and string nuts are custom carved to fit each instrument.

We offer the following materials:


  • Bone
  • Woolly Mammoth
  • Ivory
  • Synthetics


We offer Pickup Installation for most guitars.


  • Acoustic guitars.
  • Electric guitars.
  • Violins.
  • Mandolin.
  • Bango.


Volume / Tone control, Output jack, Preamps & Microphones.

Come By for expert stringed instrument repairs, upgrades and servicing. We will keep your guitar or other stringed instrument in peak playing condition and help you get the most out of your investment.